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My Lab eats everything
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Wiek: 52
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Skąd: newyork
Wysłany: 2018-06-26, 09:55   My Lab eats everything


My 9 month old lab puppy. In true lab style he is a real scavenger and eats anything. At home we can control this by 'labproofing' the house (thankfully he has never tried to eat the furniture yet) but I worry when we are out its a different story. Any food wastage he wolfs down before you can get to him, he chews on sticks and moss (thankfully has never eaten stones yet) and my major worry is that while out walking if he sees someone with a bag of crisps or ice cream etc he will jump up and try to nab it. He is obsessed with food! Help. Other than this problem, he a real joy - he is exercised off the lead, comes when called and generally very obedient. He spends a lot of time with my friends 5 yr old lab cross and has learnt most of his good habits from this dog. The 5 year old does not have food/eating issues so it's not learned behaviour. I really would like to get this problem sorted before the summer months and picnickers take to the parks ?

Please help.

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